If we continue this way;

In a maddened state of terror, parents and whole villages, city and state or the entire region, turn on their childs. ….. Incidentally, they were the one that started the condescension, and ….. May the people who carry out this sick practise, rot in hell and that their ni ni neither any of the negotiation that will lead Nigeria to restructured this incurable corrupt sick Nation with a confused entity …no wise that make wise a decision without compromise all is negotiable in Nigeria including dissolution.

None among us, at least sensible Nigerians, that is saying Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, should not go because of his incompetency. Yes the diagnostic we all made and it is right. Like this we can right the wrong of our amalgamation of 1914. But what we are saying is that we should not call for change and changing sake, while some under the carpet wagging, along to call back the past that was not enchanting to bring it back. We say forward ever and backward no- to continue the same that has failed us.

Change, is when we put all issue on the table and chat a new deal with Nigerians , that is what change entails.Change can not be to painted the wall that are breaking with hole all over, without first plastering and replaced the old weak bricks with concrete new cement or bricks, if not the wall will not hold on a good foundation and refurbishment, it will soon be back to it former state of palliatives support.

Change , which consisted just to replaced Goodluck E. Jonathan with Muhammadu BUHARI and continue like before; when that “MAL or BAD” is still there. And what are these BAD, the natural physical corruption of nature in the Nigerian states; those stems of 100 year of the NORTH,; administration flaw of Nigeria lying to the rest of us, with fake figure in the geographical occupation of Nigeria soil with human souls.

The realities of the real Nigerian Population demographic, must be one the first reform of Change and be permanent; consistent and continue viable and exact of the picture of the Nigerian Federation. This human head corruption,must be discourse our exact population must be known, starting from there. This is where corruption take it source and I had never heard my party the APC , which I belong taking action to correct this aberrant despite the BUHARI, GOD giving revelation what a mistake of intellectual laziness and cowardliness of the Nigerian federation .

Another area, that is very important, and of high voltage and volatile, which is questionable; is the domaine of equality of all men born of women to be regarded as same, since the day some can take arms, knives to kill one anothers, must also be able to take the pen and pencilled to pass exams and go to school to study like the rest of Nigerians, to hope dreaming to seat in the highest office of gratification and retribution……like the one we having now a fake affidavit of certificates, which the common required to be eligible that Muhammadu BUHARI, was unable to produced because he had no one. Instead, deliberately, wish the Nigerian State created for him a special lAW of derogation to do the contrary of the LAW of Equity. of all Nigerians, as regard capacities and competence to be consider equal of men and regarded as same; with same value, not a kind of strange privilege giving to one lazy people who did not abhorred self progress, born of the candle and sacrifice like all rest of Nigerians, to acquire same knowledge available to us all in an equal competing society.

Also and should be now, with the BUHARI, brouhaha sage, to do away with a failed administrative policies that is drifting we Nigerians, backward and install a competitives environment equal to all valid and psychical men, by doing away with the QUOTA SYSTEM and FEDERAL CHARACTER, that mined our societies with corruption and make Nigerians to become unhealthy……………………..ask if by so doing that will make Muhammadu BUHARI, to be honest man.? A man that the Nigerian state had shown more than been generous to but failed also to render same because he’s born and bred dullard to compete and be tasty to acquire education and qualification through the legal required mean.

Then we can continue later to examine how we can use our resources natural and human, to an equitable sharing and giving some advantage to those that work, land that produce and adopt a sharing formula that will also help those area of less advantage naturally etc.

We can not continue this way to recycling failure and failed Almajiri education Policy, in our approach to compete as nation with others in this 21st century equation of development, where a man without Primary school leaving certificate will find himself as Chairman director general of one of our first class corporation not the least the one that requires expertise of both teaching and practical basic work, giving orders and directives of management to million of Nigerians , who are overqualified, from some of the best institution in Nigeria and around the world. While we fold our hand and look and see how the same system had failed us. While some few born lazy do nothing beside taking the GUNS, the like of OBJ, IBB and Bola Ahmed TINUBU, forcing on us to accept their preference and telling us they’re unable to find even among the NORTHERNERS a man better than BUHARI or in the entire Nigeria, just because of the syndrome'(syndrome of stockholm), of born-to-rule poison of the NORTH.

To hell to the heads, that will roll and must roll to change Nigeria, if a retreat is not envision by APC, from the cancer that had mined us since our force marriage in 1914 and deliberately continue to because of men like Gen. Muhammadu BUHARI, incapacitation to be man; when the nation offered him the opportunity to do so, he erred in his contradiction refusing to do the needy, preaching deceit with an empty stomach and head full of brain………………………the talk cheap…………………must go to the private sector like many of us and prove himself first, before coming back with his new baggage of competence to the Public sector, to input his added value so that we Nigerians, can see, not lurching always himself on us aim to bend and continue the bending of Nigerians and the Nigerian State.

Finally, with LAW the separation of Religion and Politic from the affair of Nigeria or if impossible there is nothing bad to go for the simple and purely dissolution of a useless giants of Africa.




We didn’t say he should not contest.. But just let HIM show us then C. It is the National requirement by LAW of Nigeria that you want to rule over by Law.

Or How Far Folks!.


BUHARI, awful taller image characters, negate the positivism of natural growth. Because of it proportion to generates a falsification of the real and puzzle, that guarantee false discussion of the truth.

One deplorable trait issue of character about taller person, is it linking to a psychological figure of an abnormal height, is when they’re dependable on others by absolutism afferent to function before taking decision on their own.

The figure receptor is always croix of several stressed and stern disposition. He’s often pejorative unfriendly. Like the Hausa/Fulani, attitude is spurred into a character of which he can be recognized. They all the time cow into an insensitive opposition of weak supernatural like Alibaba in the Aladdin.

Apparently, it is a source of an afferent dependable on others absolutism characters , that ensure no knowledge of pragmatism nor realism of philosophy ( no conscious experience without interference; reflection), or this man has non, nor has he ever edited any, here lies most of the Nigeria of today leadership deficit. I know this values should be taught in character education?, they’re are the idealism, realism and sometimes we can call it experientialism and to those who are aware of it importance to self-control, the simple degree of existentialism. Do a man, that dog the procedural, idealist, but gentlemanly, lack in reference for the respect of conformism to the rule of it moral realist, be able to perform the magic.? The answer is always no and capital no. Be ideally, able to pretend to position himself to be savoir than the creator. He will still be a failure. As he has no single esteem of self.

I doubt, and this is why I’ll always doubt Muhammadu BUHARI, capacities, to be an autodidact capable to be self sufficiently, arm to rule Nigeria.

He has no option of self knowledge and the diplomacy of explanation to discuss issue of capital wise. This deficit, can be traced to the Egyptians period of the reintroducing, of the practice of wisdom, as fundamental basis, from where the teaching of intelligence emerges with the predictable awful growth of the too depict tall in model of consencious evolution.

For me, politic is about the critics of the person animals and the society object of convoited privacy of the instrument of power.. Therefore ,the Forbuharist, should learn the act of playing it to the acceptable consensus of fair and free play. So, that we can avoid the history of all Meat Diet.

Goodluck, to ForBuharist, the factor of tall, that is without test nor tested. A player of possible random character of lotto game .



This is the famous Eleme Road.
The fame of this road may be coming from the access it provides to the Eleme Refinery and Petrochemical Company as well as the Onne Free Trade Zone but it also serves a major link road to Akwa Ibom and Cross River states and several communities in Rivers state .
The state of this road is one of the reason Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is so sad. It is also the reason why tanker drivers went on strike.
It seems we are the only ones interested in this ‘our brother’ politics. What happened to the ‘fall for me I fall for you’ dog-play stuff?

Ironic as we Nigeria are plagued with impoverishment a midst plenty!

Another collective incurable. The uses of our collective resources and how some paid politicians and administrators wasted it.

They preached fake personal initiatives and pastoral motivation with missuses of words by phrasing it with issue beyond there understanding to defraud the nation.

In their sub-conscience they’re achievers and greater than the nation that paid them, feed them, house them and take care of their entire lives, and in return becomes a corrupt burden to the general interest.

They goes on citing Abraham Lincoln………….etc. “Don’t ask your country what he can do for you ask what you can do for your country” , with the unconsciousness of the people they turn majority into a shrew tools of follow-follow, just not knowing the concept and the context, with period which that famous Late Abraham Lincoln, gold word was meant for……this is Nigeria of the most sordid chaotic references………..Ori, Enu, Ibi and Ire that never comes to term, with the truism of the human realities.

This is why in all our Religion cantic references till date, we still belief in blood sacrifice and from the semantic level of the rudemental system of information and communication nothing change. To the most auto-route of information technology still occultism as the only means of light to pass through the dark and subtle obvious of human relation of it’s functioning and determinants.

I beg not to be rude and I know that individually we are good . But in the first class developed great nations, it the collective that take the upper-hand. And even China, India , Brazil, Russia and not to talk of the omnipresent USA it source of dominance comes from the entire nation, the power of the Nation and it attractiveness, fear, power and the beauty of it knowledge.

Dubia, is not known because of the Emir fortune……alone. But because of the branding of that city in this 21st century and evocation of human brain in laying the foundation with collective will.






To Caesar Liberty and Freedom and To Mohammed Beheading of Human and Blood.

To Caesar what is Caesar. I Pius AGUNBIADE, I was born Catholic and I’m a Christian not and never will I ever be Muslim. I like and LOVE Liberty and human Freedom. Now from today Yoruba Muslims in the South-West of Nigeria, have to comes out clearly to denounced Boko-Haram or face electoral punishment before the next Saturday Election in Osun State, of which Rauf Aregbesola, solid accomplish programs will not be able to save from the electoral Tsunami that will swept APC out of Yoruba Nation land in Nigeria and be replaced with PDP Bola Ahmed TINUBU, Old senseless rascal and greediness disrespect for Yoruba and Bisi Akande, uncircumcised politic with Lai Mohammed hard knots, Raji Fashola, Obasanjo licking botty of Fulani and John Oyegun key locker, even with the Oni Of Ile-Ife support may not stop to drift to the hell-heaven of APC, because we will not like ILE-IFE” to be headed in the nearer future by an EMIR like we had too long tolerated in Kwarra State of-ILORIN the heart of Yoruba land. Enough of the Muslim brothers intolerance Religion into Politic. We too as Christian Youths-Yoruba,we will raise an insurgent in Yoruba-land to resisted the hiding nasty and stupid of just force of words of the like of Rauf Aregebsola, no Muslim brother can take us into another WAR of enslavement. The Tunde Bakare and Matthew Osholowo beatification born again Fake Muslim turned Christian New Gospel Posterity Church Enslavement of our Youths generation will be resisted. This Muslims brothers design we all understand “IFA” or no IFA Yoruba rejoinder I’m also Christian, I’ll not fold the hand and be dragged stupidly into the mouth of dogs and apes by our Muslim -Yoruba, brothers and sisters. From today till next Friday, all Yoruba-Politic leaders in APC and PDP, must come out and clarify issue if let all Christian and Yoruba who love liberty and Freedom in Osun start thinking of voting for Iyiola OMISORE, to safe Nigeria from the The Abuja Declaration issue of the outcome of the conference of the African countries of the OIC in 1989 and launched by IBB with a communique of the Islam in Africa Organisation (IAO) founded during this conference.

The Islam in Africa Organisation (IAO) is a Nigerian statutory Islamic organisation, an initiative (OIC). Organisation of Islamic Conference in Abuja in 1989 by Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, which main objectives was to turn Nigeria to Islamic State. Let us therefore, call a spade a spade in Yoruba Race Rauf Aregbesola, must stop to play with fire and play with the entire interest of Yoruba. Nobody, can take me and force me to becomes Muslim in Nigeria not even TINUBU, Aresgbesola, Ajumobi, Fashola, Bisi Akandi, Ibikunle Amosun, Mimiko Olusegun, Lai Mohammed, Tunde Bakare, John OYEGUN unenhanced tie costume of a Newly unborn Christian Chairman of APC or a Matthew Oshomolowo adn Tunde BAKARE, all Muslims turned Christian only to come out corrupting the entire Yoruba generation with Islamic grand agenda design “IROLEPA gbogbo yin” we will never buy into hopelessness of DUBIA shine shine window shopping there is nothing GODLY in it than nan artificial type of the Early Church in Constantine TURKEY which saw that “YEYE” nation, becomes Islamic world. Time has come to render to Caesar what is Caesar, is either they comes out and Public denounced the Section 38 of the Nigeria 1999 constitution which strictly duality Nigeria as Muslim State to be rule by the Sharia and this was entrenched into our constitution where Boko-Haram take all his legitimate right. Now, enough is enough of IBB dastardly of the Nigeria Federation and OIC design in Africa…………….all this we must make sure do fail and it will fail. Five day to make Rauf Aregbesola, to comes out Publicly to dissociate all this complete Islamic agenda against Yoruba general interest. I can compete with and IGBO and IJAW, we’ve been together also in the South only I would have love a more active pronounced Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Though, I remain a great loyal followers unconditional of ACN and APC not a ticket to any GAMBARI of the NORTH-in 2015 period.





Anyway,  Ahmed Bola TINUBU, Fashola Babatunde, Rauf Aregbesola, non of this Politicians are not one of the best Nigeria can parade as leader. But what baffle me and still causing some kind of headache is for all Yoruba my own ethnic tribe to be so coward especially the current generation and all the social media critics, whichever template be it on facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google mental to be too wick to any race likeness in Nigeria. I look from the Yoruba, as an insider, the Yoruba youths of today in high institution I see nobody even the future that one can rely on to wish to call the objectives out of our race to do something even to the extend of wanted to sacrifice himself for the cause of Yoruba Nation. In it there nothing reliable to back-upon.

Let us be honest with ourselves, without Bola TINUBU, there will be no Babatunde Fashola, Rauf Aresgbosola, Oshiomhole, Feyemi, Ajumobi, Amosun and the public Yoruba Labour Party disgrace and disappointed from my state of origin Ondo-State Olusegun Mimiko, the Yoruba in law that became King in Yoruba land and APC. Do we know and understand that we the Yoruba are so weak in Nigeria, political and lack character , that we allow less important and influential to dominate us and determine who is good and charitable among us politically. In a perimeter that is all “pourri’ and rotten of corruption as the only avenue to get to power.

We Yoruba ask to have a Jesus Christ of YORUBA in Politic, why what we allow and accept from other non Yoruba race, we refuse a brothers and a sisters of Yoruba descent Politicians, Haba: without money how do you define how the like of Bola TINUBU, role would have be and without enough money how can a Nigeria of good faith be hard, fear and listing to.

If it was possible in a hyper-Inflated corrupt society, like our in Nigeria, the like of late Chief Gani Fawehinmi. Prof. Wole Soyinka. Agbakoba, Fela Kuti etc. Who happened to have created a Political Party did not move a class room of 50 students vote in an election nowhere did the Party of these men of Principle WIN an election. Not even among, we the majority social media critic belief in them. Even the like of Falana and Tunde Bakare, will have more haters in Yoruba land than anywhere in Nigeria. Yes! we Yoruba are the LIGHT and ILLUSION that will never rule Nigeria of GOOD intention, because we are generally too controversial, wicked and coward Politically, and a race that lack the general effrontery to dare hoping his own will be behind him.

Tell me in the Nigeria of today, what was the wrong of Chief Ahmed Bola TINUBU.? that we Yoruba so hate the man, why we allow  and permit the evil like of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, to abused us and insults us free at will without reprimand.

A corrupt government ruling, with thugs and an assassinate Party of terrorist machinery, in a regime of terror to scan us like good for nothing and plug his dirty lane into our heart with his colleague of same faith. From my personal screening and assessment, we Yoruba, has a problem and it political and sociology, as we contribute, at the same time helped to accentuate the misconception of role and it understanding among ourselves and from here, we artificially created the Nigeria political misunderstanding or contributed to the Political confusion.

We Yoruba’s, haven’t see nothing yet, as to be candid in the world we has no base of geopolitical friend to rely on, because of some this our flexible attitude. It either one is a conservatives or social democrats, one can not be the “TWO” at the same time…………………….from same political zone. This good idealist that we Yoruba, have lost and we are about to lost everything, of our late ICON Political founding Father, has build as doctrine of political faith, sound mind and opinion to be principled. IN the just concluded century because of the non taking same standing of we Yoruba’s to more corrupt and fickle than us………even more clueless. What a picture that is the model of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, that is using us at will.?


How come now the like of superlative capitalism without second face, or thought  just swallowing there remnant of all domination both economic and politic…………….take a look at Lagos, what you see and here is the like of industrialist looking to have everything JIMI AGBAJA, comes to my mind.


The rotten is spreading and widely spreading but hold on to nothing or not stifle enough. I see it to crack one day.



14 - 1


What If we let it count as a call for the legalization of corruption and seduction wrongly in Nigeria.? Leading to crime and higher insecurity of the Nigeria society, behaviorist that are largely contributor to the “THEME” of our total destruction and seductive into robbery and crime be LAW prohibit in Nigeria with severe penalties of punishment attached to.

Such kind of IMAGE is a call to high criminality’s open and watch our ear Nigerians , this is where Religion and faith begin. Let us be part of the restrict of the devastation of our anti nihilism, and with pugnacity condemn those image photo revelation of our sickness and the incurable endemic of the Nigeria societies, the paroxysm and parody of our self destruction must be stop now.

Ain’t nobody any more with moral, religion and humanism feelings in the NEW today of the Republic Value of the Federation of Nigeria or are we all now bent and prone to intellectual terrorism siren of our class of all administrators and politicians.?

Is it still possible the incurable to receive the appropriate treatment of the “WELFARE” policy of social, politic policy of economic human theory , that will make politic the art of it contradiction and factor the social contract as once the work of all past theorist like John LOCKE HOBBES and ROUSSEAU..the theory of social contract can still aim towards it letter of nobles moral value of which politic was ask to manage, which in return gave birth to democracy. If not ask yourself why the ‘ELECTS’., it it to grant them the privilege of do-and-undo of the “fait of prince”, if so we need not to have politicians let us therefore all live by the LAW of the most powerful and physically endow and I belief by that we are going to render nature it noble self.

But is our selfless greed was to have in mind that this theory has it place in the assurance of putting in place a more structure, protective and guarantor of civil liberty, freedom and act of accountability of one ‘fait and gesture’, therefore we must do that which allow for the equity of process and the application of the concept of social contract theory is that in the beginning man lived in the human society … By the first pact of unions, of different people, and therefore sought the protection of their lives and property. …. the government are identical but Rousseau makes a distinction between the two.

In Rousseau dynamic of definition of the social contract relation ship, which he said is between an individual and a commune-communion of same interest, this fact of social contract is no more a historical fact but a hypothetical construction of reason………. with the invention of property; which he said constitutes the recipes of humanity’s ‘fall from grace’ out of the State of Nature, where now we all agrees that we surrendered our rights not to a single individual but to the community as a whole which Rousseau termed as ‘general will’, if this still the case in the type of democracy and it notion that we still preached in our public place and state structure in Nigeria, then there are something wrong which inevitably require an urgent correction if not the equation of relation between two factor of same value of X and Y will and is erroneous from it basic foundation of root. As illustration of same constants.

Therefore, the original ‘freedom, happiness, equality and liberty’ which
existed in primitive societies prior to the social contract was lost in the modern civilization, social contract and now by the ongoing we need to redefine the society to be free-from- the crunches -of parasites to-no- governing society, where the social contract does not exist and will not need to exist if it was to protect few to the detriment of the majority.

Through, the Social Contract, was supposed to be a new form of social organisation- the state was formed to assure and guarantee rights, liberties, freedom and equality. Which initially, was the essence of the Rousseau’s theory of General Will is that State and Law were the
product of General Will of the people. State and the Laws are made by it and if the government and laws do not conform to ‘general will’, they would be discarded. While the individual parts with his natural rights, in return he gets civil liberties such as freedom of speech, equality, assembly, but all these tailored and doctored theory are now on phase terminal of incurable diagnosis of the malediction of the Nigeria, society which now require and need an approach directly more radical and confrontational to any existent theory that we Nigeria must invent to response to an unknown epidemic; which is only adaptable to the Nigeria society in today context.

A country where 50 billion dollars can be allow to evaporated by a government in power rule by PDP of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to WIN Election in the most educated State called the “Fountain of Knowledge” in Nigeria!, oh! erudite Professors and teachers don’t teach me nonsense, thanks to late Fela Anikulapo KUTI school thought and philosophy. The Nigeria shool system only bread voyeurism as class of administrator a typical example is our present President not even able like me; Ekiti -State, a state where an former convict awaiting judgment for corruption, was allow Governor, not yet clear to contest even the election to that state governor office and the majority of Nigerians , sees nothing wrong………..oh universality, where are you that utopia belief of general interest that reign supreme it cultish?, which is the expression of the people general volunteer, was allow to be throw to the DOG…………..then actually, the social contract should be invariable be regarded as “CADUC” with no valid interpretation all must now be a violent free-for-all , society where the abrupt abruptly with all he has in a lawlessness society of the law of the jungle we no more need any body to paid by the people to be in government.

It should now be everyone for himself and each for nobody as the society is free and free for all. Our social contract is broken so I personally,  appeal to Nigerians , to-do-what you want we are free. If you’re a high way criminals do it with more sophistication go for the real people you all know here they lives those who make life en simple unbearable. Let us be honest with ourselves, folks this is the new contract it has been on for too long in Nigeria, we did not know go the supreme court of Nigeria , kill all of them start from there Boko-Haram be inventive with brain do the needed damages, you’ll see whether they would not renegotiate Nigeria.

The West should know that all Nigeria are Boko-Haram and the Government and all it Agents are all Boko-Haram, because that ‘universalism’ has been throw to the dog by the Political authority in Nigeria, from now on “de facto” makes every one of them to be Boko-Haram, in all their doing and taking.




Not because Fayosi, from Ekiti , was returned to the office as governor of Ekiti State, just because of the unsaid, unseen interpretation and implication of the future accident to come. The end of the fortunate, unfortunate Jonathan regime. More…

In Frustration Of What I Knew Was A “BIG’ Political Error and A Declaration of WAR to We Yoruba in Ekiti State With A Planetary Slap By The Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Led Government Of the Northern Political Party Platform the PDP

I deliberately, decided not to watch the Nigeria versus Bosnia world cup game of the ongoing world cup tournament in Brazil. In solidarity to all my Yoruba ancestors who had paid a huge price for the kind of MISERABLE democracy that was display yesterday in Ekiti State, which was a direct rascal game play by Jonathan and some selected military forces of the Nigeria Army with a certain level of thuggery and terrorism.

The Jonathan led government had come this 21st of June 2014, to assassinate democracy and throw just the needle thorn into his leg. If I had to use the metaphor of his ethnic IJAW double standard games of Politic in Nigeria. HABA! Yoruba, what is happening to us; I recounted the uncountable, and the unbearable sacrifice, for such unknown, from nowhere and one of the most visible ethnic “collobo” supporter from the South of the politic of Hausa/Fulani hegemony in Nigeria of yesterday, from the 1st Republic till now, what is our trouble in this WAR of Ijaw, Igbo and Hausa/Fulani slapping us this way directly in our face, from here I could no more bear the grudged that I had against this holy born idiots Jonathan.

Now, I knew from the Cradle something vital had gone, done and wrongly committed; if bear? then how can we explained such name as sacrifice, to see and witness the kind of stacked display of the most abrupt power with a direct violent and violation of right pointed to us Yoruba, while we remain silent, docile and COWARD forever, as they use to call us in Nigeria………………..then and then!

The wounds are too many to count YORUBA………………but the question with who and whom can we act.? In the face and memory of all this Late Chief Akintola, Late Gen. Adekunle FAJUYI, Late Mama Fela KUTI, Late Icon Chief O. AWOLOWO, Dr. Tai SOLARIN, Late Chief A. AJASIN, Late ADEJOBI, Mr. D. GIWA, Brig. BAJO, Chief late G. FAWEHINMI, Late Chief M. ABIOLA, Late B. IGE…………..etc. Even Prof Wole Soyinka, thank GOD he is a living witness, someone who sacrifice for us to have democracy, and such miserable democracy, going and coming from house to Prison on a number of countless times…..for just an unknown from nowhere Jonathan, and we will allow him to continue to terrorize , we the Yoruba in Nigeria with flagrant display of ABSOLUTISM.

This is when, I know we will have to align and form with the same Hausa/Fulani the stable majority rule that Nigeria need to be a stable and United Nation. GAMBAR/ YORUBA, must unite to flush this puppet minority rule out of Nigeria. It is the only alliance that is meaningful today in Nigeria and that Bola TINUBU and APC has a reason for that. My self I’m Christian…………….let any Yoruba comes out who did not have a Muslim as uncle, cousin or by marriage comes out to tell me how or friends in Yoruba land.