APTblog. is about blogging on people’s experience and testimonials on divers escapade on our mission during voyages and travelling, either on leisure or beisure, on the passion to meet with other culture, relates, disappointment and some of the most moment excitements.

This blog will welcome sharing of information by photo, video of cities, people, events  that rate a city and the people cultural incisive at entertaining  foreigners, who one from other places and culture , in this planet world. It will be in form of notebook letter  of Infotainment and comments, love and like, dislikes and what is also or not  to report one area of the world the culture, the people tradition, transports, security, ecosystem friendly, nature, security, cost of tourism and the comparatives of one always staying behind towards this attitude the blog will be reporting in an informal level, taking the issue of people attitude, kindness, hostility and  hospitality to our friendly disposition to help, give to promote people, city’s, foods culinary,  the environment of one urbanization, we will engage on a mission with the aims of discovering other places and people’s ,and report the differences.

The blog aims: will be to report and share vi-rally in the cloud streaming whirled the beauty of human and the global standard of love, like and attitude that add more to the work of adventure of those species goggling heroes of the planet and tweet the majestically mystery one place to the others……………in an exercises of natural objectivity’s.


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